My experience with Lance Lundvall and the Lundvall Law office was very satisfactory and excellent. He was very punctual in answering my questions and showing up for court and appointments. He is an awesome dude to have in your corner. Mr. Lundvall is not only a badass in the courtroom but outside the courtroom is really reasonable working with me. I would rate Mr. Lundvall and the Lundvall office from the courtroom to getting sentenced 10/10, no doubt. I recommend it highly.
Lance was very professional and straightforward. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. His and Tiva’s communication was always within minutes, not days, so we both were on the same page and I didn't get bombarded. He was a pleasure to work with and made my case a priority, not a number, and made sure I understood my documents and what I needed to do for my case. Everything was always handled in a timely manner and he fought for me to have the freedom to succeed. Thank you.
I would highly recommend Lance. He was able to work with my wife and I to navigate the court system. We had little to no experience with the law, so Lance helped make sure we knew all of our options and knew what to expect. We ended up getting lesser charges than expected with his help!
I'd like to thank Lundvall Law for assisting me throughout my process. Mr. Lundvall and his office were very helpful in coaching and assisting me when it came to my case. This team made the court process far less stressful. Thanks, Lundvall Law!
Thanks, Lance Lundvall for helping me process through the misfortune of getting a DUI.
Mr. Lundvall was very informative and very much on top of his game. He made every opportunity to make it a smooth process for me, and will highly recommend him to anyone that would need any kind of legal counsel to any of my family or friends without a 2nd thought.
Lance was nothing short of a miracle worker. My husband and I were in a tough spot unsure of what steps to take for our charges. He was able to explain everything we needed to know to assure we made the right choices in our case. He was very personable and understanding as well! For what he accomplished it was well worth the price.
Ultimately my experience with Lance Lundvall was more than I could have hoped for; he was kind, a problem solver, and understanding. Whenever I went to the office, Tiva would make me feel very welcome. I would highly recommend Lundvall Law to my own friends and family. Lance and Tiva are top-notch.
My family and I have used Mr. Lundvall on several occasions and he has been nothing but the best. No matter how big or small the case he treats you like your issues are at the top of the list. I can think of no individual that is more professional or has more integrity. I would highly recommend this gentleman for your legal needs.
Our family highly recommends Lance Lundvall for your criminal case. Lance did a great job of explaining all of the ramifications and options upfront. The Lundvall Law Office did a great job of communicating throughout our 13-month relationship (in-person meetings, phone, text, email). We came away with the second-best outcome possible given the case (reduced sentence, minimal fines, and a reasonable legal fee). The best would have been a case dismissal, but that was a long shot that was explained at the start of our relationship. Our family recommends Lance for your federal criminal case.
I hired Lance for a criminal defense case. He walked me through the process and along with Tiva, kept me informed every step of the way. My case was resolved in a much better way than I anticipated. Thanks, Lance and Tiva!
Attorney Lance Lundvall handled my son’s cases with the utmost professionalism and genuine concern, resolving them quickly and easily with fair and creative negotiations. I don’t know what my son would have done without Lance’s help, reassurance and knowledge! So grateful we hired him.
Lance was highly recommended to us a few years ago when our son faced a legal issue. The situation was extremely stressful and we at times were agitated. Lance remained professional and was a voice of reason. He is well versed in the matters of Montana law and more than defended our position to the best possible outcome. He remains a friend and I would hire him again with no question.
Mr. Lundvall represented me very professionally; and made my court proceedings go very smoothly. I was very lucky to find such dedication and knowledge that Mr. Lundvall possesses. Mr. Lundvall is definitely one of the best attorneys I have ever met. If I ever need legal assistance, I will always turn to him. I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone in need of an attorney.

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